Enshin lifestyle

      All amazing life stories start with a powerful dream. What separates a dream from reality is our ability to work with what challenges the dream we envision. My father says, it’s good to have a big goal but make little ones along the way. Dreams must be nurtured like a plant and more importantly challenged especially when failure makes us feel defeated. As training brings us to our edges we develop discipline and our threshold to handle opposition increases. We realize the real opposition is within us and find win or lose we don’t get defeated.

Over 40 years ago and no students, my father set up a heavy bag in Denver’s Cheeseman park. My father’s amazing journey in martial arts is the stuff childhood dreams are made of. As a boy from a farming family, he often struggled to have clean rice to eat. What he did have was an uncommon passion for martial arts and a dream. He desired to become a champion and live in the US to bring authentic karate to our country.

He left legendary fame in Japan and immigrated to the wild west. He was no cowboy but respected the ideals of American culture and as an artist flourished in the creativity that our country has to offer. The free spirit of the United States allowed my father the fertile canvas to create his own unique style of karate in 1988, known as Enshin (heart of the circle). Our style emphasizes nonlinear movement that is visually and kinesthetically appealing which allows the mind to be totally absorbed in feeling the intentions of the opponent.

As one’s understanding progresses, they begin to understand the opponent and like any childhood story understand peace and harmony. My father has influenced millions of martial artists directly and indirectly by his example of discipline and effort. As the 2018 World Sabaki Challenge approaches April 21, I cordially invite you to consider joining us that week for a celebration of my dad and what he birthed 30 years ago.  More details will surface soon.  We will also feature his documentary “My Journey in Karate” a project we have been working on independently.