Uchideshi program: Transform into your fullest potential.

A three year or three month transformational experience to bring out the best version of you as an Enshin practitioner.

Uchideshi means “live-in” student.  Traditionally, this is how all learning was done in Asia as an apprentice. The ironic thing about Enshin’s uchideshi program; students come from Asia to the US for this experience. For over 30 years, mostly young men have gone on to become world champions and many have opened very successful schools of their own.  Program includes a commitment to a rigorous training schedule, dojo related events/duties; living the Enshin way and includes various aspects of community and self study. Participants are expected to compete at local, national and international level competitions.  Real world experience is also developed on how to transmit the art to others by learning hands on how to teach.  

Space is limited and two types of scholarships are available: 3 year and 3 month (typically for international visa applicants).  Self study modules are overseen by Vice Kancho Mike Ninomiya and include (meditation, conditioning, healing/energy work and how to run a business).   

Candidates submit Application and Questionnaire Essay Answers.

Essay Question: “What is my purpose to join Enshin uchideshi Program?”

Questions about the Training Program:

  1. Why do you want to participate in this 3-year Traditional  training program?
  2.  Are you able to accept mental and physical discipline for the purposes of this training? (Give some examples from your life.)
  3. What are your expectations from this training? What do you hope to get out of it?
  4. What obstacles do you face now that may present a challenge to your participation in the program if accepted?