8th Dan

Mitsuyuki “Mike” Ninomiya has made mind-body discipline his life for over 30 years… A retired four-time world champion, Mike has the ability to work with any student to bring out their best potential. His classes are vibrant, uplifting and in the moment. Mike is known for integrating a wide variety of modalities (science, art, chess, dance, music) to bring about positive energy in his life and classes. He also specializes in daoyin; shamanic Chinese energy work and tui na and has taken his discipline to heal himself and has spread that passion to others. As a healer and energy worker, Mike volunteers in health care centers to empower people towards balance by understanding the natural ability to heal oneself. “I hope to awaken in my students, that they are the greatest teacher of themselves. In this circular process, I learn to appreciate and respect their energy to help awaken my own.”